Peer-to-peer fundraising

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What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a method of fundraising that empowers an organization’s supporters to raise support to carry out its social mission. It’s also known as social fundraising, personal and/or team fundraising, or p2p fundraising. Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns build momentum by engaging and activating fundraisers who can reach out to their own networks for support.

Why do peer-to-peer fundraising?

There are three very good reasons for IPPFAR volunteers and staff to do peer-to-peer fundraising.

* Builds upon your existing relationships. Your family and friends already know and trust you and they likely share your interests. By reaching out to our networks of family and friends who share IPPFAR’s core values, we can scale fundraising quickly and sustainably.
*Makes good use of limited resources. As a CSO network, we are always working with limited resources. Leveraging the strength of IPPFAR’s vast network of volunteers enables us to make the most of what already exists.
*Increases awareness of our vision and mission. Word of mouth promotion is one of the most effective forms of marketing! Your family and friends will spread the word and carry our message to new audiences that share IPPFAR’s core values.

THE IPPFAR network is 39,000 strong!

There is no better communicator of IPPFAR’s mission, vision and successes than its cadre of 39,000 volunteers. Imagine if each of us raises 5 supporters of IPPFAR in a single year. The list of friends will quickly grow to 195,000! Imagine if each new friend contributed $5-$50 this year. We could recover the reduction of core funding and have a balance to invest in new programs.

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How does the campaign work?

This campaign will involve the full range of actors in IPPFAR network.

ARO team will provide simple, replicable campaign materials that volunteers can use in cultivating prospective donors, organizing events and communicating with the general public.

Volunteers and senior staff are tasked with bringing 5 new supporters into the network. Each volunteer will prepare a personal fundraising goal and develop an action plan. They will use campaign materials from ARO Secretariat plus any materials from the MAs to tell IPPFAR’s story to donors and encourage contributions.

Member Associations will support volunteers by organizing 1-2 events which volunteers can attend with their friends. They will also collect Volunteer Commit to Action forms and follow-up with volunteers. Finally, they will receive Pledge Forms that volunteers collect from their contacts and enter them into the database for tracking.

Ecobank is providing operational assistance to the campaign by supporting a range of online and mobile giving options including mobile money, credit card payments and wire transfers.

Maintaining momentum

The peer-to-peer fundraising approach relies on personal and ongoing relationships between IPPFAR volunteer and their family and friends. We encourage you to keep your contacts engaged with IPPFAR by periodically sharing information about our achievements via email, social media or in-person conversations. ARO will support you by preparing campaign updates, human interest stories and new releases. Donors that are engaged in the work will be contribute additional gifts in the future.

Types of peer-to-peer fundraising activities

There is no limit to creative actions that IPPFAR volunteers can carry out to raise funds. We encourage volunteers to be creative in planning events and to share your successes with other volunteers and MAs.

*Host an informal event in your home
*Organize a fundraiser in honor of a life event such as birthday or graduation etc.
*Sponsor an event in your community such a breakfast or dinner or sporting event
*Make a personal visit and request to your contacts • Bring colleagues, friends and family to fundraising events organized by your MA
*Organize a site visit to an IPPFAR/MA clinic or program and ask your friends to donate
*Establish contacts at institutions, companies, foundations and other organizations that share IPPFAR’s core values and can support our work