IPPFAR - The Fred Sai Institute

An advocate of gender equality and women’s empowerment, Prof Sai, has ceaselessly fought for the individual’s right to family planning information and education, services and supplies; universal access to sexual and reproductive rights, including measures to eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence. This institute is, therefore, in honor of Prof Sai’s commitment to the institutionalization of the right to reproductive health services including family planning in the world.

Prof Sai has had a distinguished career with theInternational Planned Parenthood Federation. He was a co-founder of Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana, an IPPF affiliate member. He spearheaded the set up of the IPPF Africa Regional Office we well as the Centre for African Family Studies (CAFS) in Nairobi. He was the first African President of International Planned Parenthood Federation.