Africa: Guidelines for Protecting the Rights of Women and Girls during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic — like all crises — will have a distinct impact on women and girls that is both immediate and that poses the risk of exacerbating pre-existing gender and other intersecting inequalities. Women and girls, particularly those who are already experiencing the greatest marginalization, will be disproportionately affected and, unless their rights are protected and their needs are met, will be further deprived of justice.

The COVID-19 crisis does not relieve States of their obligations to address the gender-based violence faced by thousands of women and girls in the region; on the contrary, it requires more rigorous measures to minimize the negative impacts this new health crisis may have on them.

This guide provides a roadmap for national and local government authorities and agencies, as well as sub-regional and regional organisations, to better understand the obligations they must fulfill as regards women and girls’ rights during the pandemic. The guide is the result of a collaboration between IPPF Africa Region, Women’s Link Worldwide, and Amnesty International, and is available in English and French.

Download the guidelines (attached) in English and French.