Japan Trust Fund for HIV and reproductive health

The Japan Trust Fund for HIV and Reproductive Health is built on the three pillars

  1. Maternal, Newborn and Child Health.  i.e. Reduce child mortality and improve maternal health by strengthening health systems through use of EMBRACE approach
  2. Infectious Diseases: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria: Scale up effective interventions through the Global Fund to fight against HIV/ADIS, tuberculosis and malaria.
  3. Public Health Emergencies: Provide support to respond to global public health emergencies and health crises due to natural disasters and conflicts, thereby contributing to peace-building and community stabilization

In Africa the fund is granted to programmes in Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, Ghana, Swaziland, Zambia and Senegal where we

  • deliver mother to child health services through the EMBRACE model
  • increase access to sexual and reproductive health services to most vulnerable women and girls including post conflict/emergency settings
  • promote innovative service delivery models for SRHR and HIV services (sometimes in partnership with the Japanese multinational companies)

JTF allocated funds for M&E and capacity building as one of the priorities of the initiative is to increase capacity of Member Associations on new thematic areas as well as develop innovative service delivery models.

The projects are operational for a maximum of two years.