Africa Region SE Webinar – an Enterprising Step Towards Sustainability

7th June 2021
Social Enterprise

The first Social Enterprise Webinar exclusively for Member Associations (MAs) from the Africa Region was organized by IPPF Africa Regional Office (IPPF ARO) on 2 June 2021. It was supported by the Social Enterprise (SE) Hub.

Approximately 44 participants, representing 19 MAs from the region attended the 1.5 hour educative and interactive session.

Sam Ntelamo, Acting Regional Director, IPPF ARO, in his welcome remarks, mentioned the importance of securing uninterrupted funding/financing to ensure universal access to Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH). He emphasized on the need to address the funding gaps within the region's MA programmes that target the poor and vulnerable, women and girls.  

The webinar provided an introduction to the SE Hub and their capability and availability to assist MAs in their journey towards sustainability. The SE Hub provided an overview on the ideal steps needed to embark on establishing or expanding a business to be a viable social enterprise as well as a quick ‘walk-through’ of the e-commerce platform, online resources and business tools available on the SE website.

It also provided an opportunity for the participants to hear first-hand from the Executive Director of FPA Sri Lanka, Thushara Agus and Boyd Sitwala, Director Finance and Administration, PPAZ (Zambia). They provided valuable insight on their learnings and experience on having successful social enterprises which provide diversified income sources.

At the session, conducted via Zoom, simultaneous interpretations were offered in Portuguese and French and all session content (in English, French and Portuguese) was circulated among the participants, post-session.

The individual presentations and the intermittent Q&A sessions and polls carried out were well received with a steady flow of engaging and thought-provoking questions and comments from the participants.

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