What Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association (LPPA)’s Recent Accreditation Success Means for the Organization


LPPA recently achieved its certificate following the organization's success in the 3rd cycle of Accreditation. As a global sexual and reproductive health and rights movement, IPPF expects all Member Associations to uphold and promote it’s well-defined 10 Principles of Membership, and to comply with the Standards defined for each Principle.

The Accreditation process is based on these 10 Principles and related Standards, which require that a Member Association is:

  1. Open and democratic
  2. Well governed
  3. Strategic and progressive
  4. Transparent and accountable
  5. Well managed
  6. Financially healthy
  7. A good employer
  8. Committed to results
  9. Committed to quality, and
  10. A leading SRHR organization in its country

Following LPPA’s Accreditation success, we had a chat with Executive Director Mr. Lerotholi Pheko on what this achievement means for the organization.

Credibility with Partners and Donors

"That we have been recognized as a fully accredited member of the Federation by IPPF’s Governing Council; the Federation’s highest decision-making body is a great source of pride for us. This form of recognition means that LPPA is in full compliance with IPPF’s stipulations, something that has not only boosted our confidence in the work that we do, but it has also significantly enhanced our organization’s standing among different partners, stakeholders and the donor community in Lesotho.

Mr. Lerotholi Pheko during the interview. LPPA is among the first MAs to be accredited in IPPFAR's 3rd cycle of Accreditation.

IPPF is a highly reputable institution and being fully accredited with it means that ours is an organization of integrity; one with good governance and management structures in place, and one that is able to meet most donor requirements for partnership.

Indeed, getting to where we are today was not a one-off operation, but a steadfast journey. The onus on us now, is to strive to ensure that we continue to uphold and meet these Standards in our daily operations. This is something we are committed to doing as it will help us better our organization, even as we continue to deliver on our mandate; that of ensuring that the Lesotho population, more so the poor, marginalized, socially excluded and the under-served have access to a wide range of quality sexual reproductive health and services.


The role of LPPA Volunteers and Staff

I give credit to the team of LPPA staff and volunteers who worked very hard to ensure that the organization met all the requirements for Accreditation success. Our staff strived to ensure that they diligently undertook all their responsibilities as required, with the volunteers delivering on their oversight mandate and always being available to assist when called upon. Granted, there were some challenges along the way, but as a team, we were able to overcome them.

Being fully accredited as an IPPF Member Association has heightened our resolve to continue elevating LPPA’s standing as the leading Non-Governmental organization in matters of sexual reproductive health and rights in Lesotho."

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Mr. Lerotholi Pheko spoke to Maryanne W. Waweru, Governance and Compliance Officer, IPPF Africa Region.