Associação Moçambicana para Desenvolvimento da Família

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The Associação Moçambicana para Desenvolvimento da Família (AMODEFA) was formed in 1989. Like most IPPF Member Associations, the organization’s initial focus was family planning, but over the years it has diversified to cover a wider range of sexual and reproductive health (SHR) requirements including emergency obstetrics care, antenatal and post-natal care, and services dedicated to the prevention, treatment and management of HIV and AIDS.

As high HIV prevalence rates show, there is a desperate need for sustained efforts on this front. AMODEFA has responded to the HIV and AIDS challenges with a community clinic-based approach, linked with home-based care. With private sector sites, mobile and community-based service points the Member Association raises awareness of and tackles HIV and AIDS stigma and discrimination, and provides referrals. 

The AMODEFA staff, who are backed by hundreds of volunteers, a youth action movement, peer educators and community-based distributors (CBDs).

In its advocacy role, AMODEFA has been providing advice and pressuring the Ministry of Health Youth and Sport, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Women and Social Action to adopt supportive national legislation and practice, particularly with regard to adolescents and youth.

The Member Association works with non-governmental organizations, such as the National HIV and AIDS Council, and with private sector operations such as Enterprises Against HIV and AIDS.

AMODEFA’s donors include UNFPA, WHO and the Africa Sweden Group, and the organization is a member of networks including the Network for Organizations Working on HIV and AIDS (MONASO), the National HIV and AIDS Council, and the International Baby Food Action Network (IPFAN).