Senior Management Team

The senior management team oversees the day-to-day operations of IPPFAR.

They include:

Marie-Evelynne Petrus-Barry

Ms. Marie-Evelyne Petrus-Barry, Regional Director

Ms. Marie-Evelyne Petrus-Barry joined the IPPF from Amnesty International where she served as the Regional Director for West and Central Africa based in Dakar, Senegal. Before working at Amnesty International, Ms. Petrus-Barry worked as a Senior Official in numerous UN agencies, including UNDP, UNFPA, UN Department of Public Information, UN High Commission for Human Rights and UN mission in Haiti. 

Ms. Petrus-Barry has been a human rights defender since her teenage years. She has promoted equity for all, the elimination of racial discrimination and the eradication of injustice. Her advocacy efforts towards tolerance and inclusivity have enhanced the development of peaceful and sustainable communities across Africa and the world. Ms. Petrus-Barry’s robust wealth of experience in diplomacy, government relations, strategic communications (including mediation and peacebuilding), advocacy and policy issues continues to enhance IPPF’s mandate and work, particularly in enhancing the health and well-being of women, men and youth in sub-Saharan Africa.

Haingo RabearimonjyDr. Haingo Rabearimonjy, Head of Programmes & Health Systems Strengthening

In this capacity, Dr. Rabearimonjy oversees the development and implementation of IPPFAR’s regional  sexual reproductive health (SRH) programs. He currently heads an interdisciplinary regional team that provides technical leadership and support aimed at enabling communities, especially the marginalized and the underserved, to access quality and affordable SRH services. Together with his team, Dr. Rabearimonjy’s work entails strengthening IPPFAR programmatic results through its network of IPPF Member Associations in 37 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Dr. Rabearimonjy is a Medical Doctor with over 20 years of experience and knowledge in public health programming, more so in the area of SRH. He has held various senior and managerial positions within the IPPF Africa Regional Office (IPPFARO), his experiences earning him extensive knowledge in SRH innovation, measurement, learning and transformation in resource-poor settings.

Gallianne PalayretMs. Gallianne Palayret, Head of External Relations, Advocacy and Communications  

Ms. Gallianne Palayret oversees the External Relations, Advocacy and Communication unit. With her interdisciplinary team, she provides technical leadership and support on resource mobilization, national level advocacy and communication. She joined IPPF after over 15 years working on all continents as human rights lawyer for the French diplomacy and various UN agencies.

Ms. Palayret has two master's Degrees; one from the European master's in Human Rights and Democratization (E.MA) in Venice, Italy and one in European studies from the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. She has worked with the United Nations in the context of conflicts and natural disasters in Haiti and Central African Republic, as well as in development contexts in Iran, Cameroon, Fiji, Chile and Cambodia on issues including mass human rights violations, protection of civilians, gender equality, women and LGBTI rights, prevention and response to sexual violence and child protection, including children affected by armed conflicts. She has an extensive experience working with regional and international organizations, state authorities, CSOs and human rights defenders as well as donors. She is fluent in French, English, Spanish and Italian. 

Sam_NtelamoMr. Sam Ntelamo, IPPF Resident Representative to the African Union & UNECA (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

Mr. Sam Ntelamo is Head/Director of the IPPF Africa Region Sub Office to the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Mr. Ntelamo is responsible for intergovernmental regional advocacy, working with the African Union Commission (AUC) and the United Nations systems as well as Regional Economic Communities. Prior to joining IPPF Africa Regional Office, he served as Country Director for the IPPF Member Association in Namibia, based in Windhoek.

Mr. Ntelamo studied Population and Public Policy, among others and is a doctoral scholar in Development Studies. He has over 15 years of managerial experience in programme planning, advocacy and monitoring & evaluation. His career path in public health spans several years, assuming different roles in the private and civil society sectors working on research, HIV/AIDS and advocacy for population and development with emphasis on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) programmes.

The IPPF (AR) Sub Office has full observer status at the African Union. The office ensures IPPF visibility, and its mandate covers areas such the provision of technical support while contributing to SRHR policy formulation, development and monitoring. The circle of its advocacy work is anchored on policy dissemination, domestication, implementation and accountability. Among other flagship population and development policy instruments the office has contributed to, includes the Addis Ababa Declaration on Population and Development (AADPD), the Maputo Plan of Action and the African Union Gender Strategy.