Regional Executive Committee

The IPPFAR Regional Executive Committee is composed of nine members elected by the Regional Council for a three-year term. The committee meets biannually.

The Executive Committee determines the organization’s strategic direction. It creates policies and monitors the organization’s activities in all areas including regional resource allocations. Members of the committee also act as advisors to the IPPFAR Regional Director.

The current honorary officers are: Hon Niquice Antonio Rosario, Chairperson, (Mozambique) and Guelmbaye Poloumbodje Clémentine, Regional Treasurer (Chad).

Other members of the Regional Executive Committee include:

  • Ms. Namukuza Daphynne Olgah – Youth Representative – Uganda

  • Mr Amadou Amadou - Member – Niger

  • Hon Iipumbu Lusia Magano - Member - Namibia

  • Ms Dicko Adama - Member - Mali

  • Dr Gnagnon Kossi Wonouvo - Member - Togo