Regional Forums

IPPF overhauled its governance and resource allocation system to address concerns of its Member Associations (MAs), donors and other stakeholders through an extensive consultation process which was endorsed by the General Assembly in November 2019 in Delhi. This resulted in the appointment of a new Board of Trustees, Nomination and Governance Committee, and the different sub-Committees that support the Board of Trustees' work. These structures consist of MA volunteers and external experts selected based on their competencies, skills and experiences. The reforms also resulted in the adoption of an MA-centric approach and peer-to-peer support to strengthen and develop the MAs into more efficient, effective, and accountable entities.

Among the major outcomes of the Delhi 2019 reform was the transformation of the *Regional Councils into Regional Forums and Regional Youth Forums. The forums are learning and strategic platforms focused on sharing experiences, that also debate political contexts which may impact on IPPF’s work. Both forums provide critically important opportunities that maintain the sense of solidarity of IPPF.

*The Regional Council was the supreme body of IPPF Africa Region that offered guidance and policy development support. Under the coordination of the IPPF Africa Regional Office (IPPFARO) the Regional Council met annually to examine how policies and decisions are implemented, and comprised volunteers and staff from IPPFAR Member Associations.