Our teams of unpaid volunteers and dedicated staff work towards a world in which women, men and young people everywhere have control over their own bodies, and therefore their destinies.


Volunteerism is at the heart of IPPFAR’s work. Our Member Associations (MAs) are managed by some 38,000 volunteers. They are drawn from all walks of life from a local policeman in Uganda, a former beauty queen in Benin, a lawyer in Kenya to numerous other ordinary women and men.

Our volunteers advocate access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights for all in Africa by information dissemination (peer educators), providing services (community based distributors and clinicians) and by governing the MAs.

Youth Action Movement

Created in 2005, the Youth Action Movement (YAM) is the youth arm of IPPFAR volunteer’s body based within the Member Associations (MAs) that catalyze Youth participation.  YAM plays a key role in identifying priority areas and needs for young people to be fed into the MAs plans and the regional plans thus enriching the process of consultation and involvement of this audience. The structure enables young people to advocate and be recognized, and empower them to be equal partners in programmatic decision making and resource allocation at all levels.

Broadly, the objectives of the Youth Action Movement are to:-

  • Promote equal partnership between young people and adults at both regional and MA levels
  • Accelerate IPPFAR’s adolescent and youth SRH agenda in the region
  • Ensure youth participation/involvement/empowerment and representation at regional and MA levels
  • Support effective implementation of the IPPFAR youth policies and strategies