IPPFAR’s governance emanates from and is hinged on its members and volunteers.

The Regional Office has 32 full and five associate members which are all autonomous grassroots, country-owned Member Associations (MAs) which are leading sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) advocates as well as service providers.

We are a volunteer led organisation. In sub-Saharan Africa we have over 38,000 volunteers. These volunteers play different roles including electing the Member Association’s governing body as well as supporting SRHR service delivery. They form the National Executive Committee in each of the 37 countries where we have Member Associations.

At the continental level we have a regional executive committee. Composed of 9 distinguished persons, this committee is elected into office every three years to execute Regional Council delegated mandate of oversight, policy formulation and guidance.

All MAs are represented at Regional Council, which is chaired by the executive committee. The regional council is the supreme policy organ and meets annually to deliberate on policy and strategic matters of the region.

Gender equity and participation and involvement of young people are fundamental to IPPFAR governance practices. We believe that the equitable participation of women and youth in decision-making positions and processes at all socio-economic levels enables women and youth to acquire the relevant skills and confidence to promote their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Existing policies and regulations guarantee the participation of at least 50% women and 30% youth in all its elected Regional Council and National Executive Committee through affirmative action during elections.

As a member of the global Federation, IPPFAR is governed by international policies and standards that strengthen and bind the Secretariat and MAs into an effective and efficient network.