As part of strengthening the network of Member Associations (MAs), all local and voluntary NGOs in their respective countries, the MAs have to undergo an accreditation review process to ensure they comply with a set of norms and standards of IPPF.

The accreditation process is based on 10 principles, 49 standards and 170 checks. The 10 principles require that the MA is

1. Open and democratic
2. Well-governed
3. Strategic and progressive
4. Transparent and accountable
5. Well-managed
6. Financially healthy
7. A good employer
8. Committed to results
9. Committed to quality
10. A leading non-governmental organization in its country

Specifically, the process of being “Accredited” will ensure that Member Associations are better equipped to assess their role and improve performance. The accreditation process has resulted in increased public confidence in MAs and acknowledgement that IPPF is an effective Federation committed to results, quality and accountability.